New PG Dating Pro January 2011 is available

New PG Dating Pro January 2011 is available
Added: 01/05/2011
This January edition of PG Dating newsletter is full of news updates for your current and future Dating and Social Networking busines
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New version includes new casual games module, geo targeting for banners and search form, reworked designs for 3 couples templates, dating VoIP package, SEO optimized news section and much more:
  • Geo targeting for administrator`s banners. Add a banner, define who to show your banner (by membership, age, location, online status), what pages it`ll be shown at.
  • Geo targeting for quick search page. A special block of suggested matches for a user depending on his profile data and criteria set by admin (by age, location, online/offline status).
  • Powerful marketing module. Powerful statistics module for all site activities, possibility to create a marketing campaign, track the source and see what works what doesn`t (payments, clicks, registrations, services).
  • Mobile module mega update. Improved profiles, uploads display, user wall, access permissions for membership groups are applied to Mobile version!
  • Dating VoIP package integrated. Jajah API was changed into Dating VoIP package (jajah) with calls approvals, possibility to call only to people who allow a call.
  • Register button is added for all pages for a site guest to encourage registrations.
  • Updated couples designs (boyfriends, girlfriends, couples)! More attractive designs, revised layouts.
  • Multi language, SEO friendly news section! Possibility to add news for various site languages, individual seo metatags for news items; SEO friendly urls for news posts. You can also add RSS for various languages, add meta tags.
  • Design editor is updated. New variables are added to color your site as much as you need to change a design. It`s done for all pre-set templates, which are included into main package now.
  • Personal organizer is updated. Minor tweaks are made to make organizer work better in “Styles management” and “Page layout” sections. Changed for all pre-set templates.
  • Invite friends pop up after registration for all users! Enrich your database, offer your newly registered users invite their friends from popular social networks, email operators or manually by email.
  • Easy to delete/post comments on user wall. In guest book users can delete comments, write comments for profile owner. Profile owner can delete any comment.
  • Convenient tool to give permissions to files at FTP during software installation! Now site installation takes minutes instead of hours. A special engine gives all necessary permissions to files within a minute.
  • Russian countries database. It can be installed using usual countries installation links inside admin mode and during software installation. You can choose the type of database you want to install (Latin or Cyrillic symbols).
  • Main banner text on the index page can be edited in language files now, can be multi language.
  • Pricing page: new style for choosing membership type (Match,com like), visual comparison of membership plans for site members.
  • Improved matching algorithm for meet me - meet them at user homepage, statistics block.
  • Minor tweaks made: info pages updated (minor issues are fixed), all profile builder section names are edited in languages section now, admin and user permissions are now divided in 2 section when giving permissions to membership groups, in blogs all actions are shown as buttons, Banners update: names of the pages where we can add banners are multi language, language files editing: alert to admin if the data won`t be saved (when the language files are switched); tag label is added to all radio buttons and check boxes; polls comments are checked for bad words.
  • Profile Builder is updated. Minor issues are fixed. Bad words check in profile builder in all text fields.
  • Possibility to view user photos directly from view profile page. Minor change which allows clicking a photo and seeing it instantly from user profile.
  • New update script – saves more of your data when updating, backs up your current site database.
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